Child Labor in America: Wood chipper Tied to Teen Death

by Darlene Adkins, VP for Public Policy at NCL and Coordinator of the Child Labor Coalition

Did you know that one working teen dies, on average, every five days in the United States?

It’s happened again. A young worker’s life has come to a tragically early end because of a deadly workplace accident. North Carolina and federal labor department officials are investigating whether child labor laws were broken in last week’s death of a 17-year-old working with a wood chipper. The young man, Nery Castaneda, became entangled in the wood chipper 3 months into his job, where his assignment was to grind up wooden pallets to make mulch.

Death’s like Nery’s are devastating for the family and heart-wrenching to us child labor advocates, who see the failure of child labor laws to protect working teens as the culprit.



3 thoughts on “Child Labor in America: Wood chipper Tied to Teen Death

  1. Friends: I am deeply concerned about the GAP India child labor revelations…NCL has done so much working on rug mark to point up the problems of child labor in India. I hope that you will have a comment on the website and that you will issue some kind of public statement. If NCL is associated with GAP through joint committee work to assure fair labor standards, I think we need to speak out.

  2. i am 13 years old and i think that child labor laws are effective but sometimes orginazations leave out the childs point of view how many adult workers today die on average each week do to work related accidents. my point is sometimes people leave out what really matters and blow it out of paportion

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