Settling In, and Giving You the Inside Scoop


by Tim McNutt, Public Policy Intern

Public Policy Intern TimI met Executive Director Sally Greenberg, last fall at the Equal Justice Works Conference, and was so inspired by her energy and optimism, that I decided to take a semester off from my studies at the California Western School of Law to intern at NCL.

As I’ve been settling in at the League, I am awe stricken and inspired by the breadth and magnitude of issues that NCL takes on. Whether it is combating telemarketing fraud, child labor in sweatshops, or the latest predatory trend on dating websites, my new colleagues are zealous advocates for consumers’ rights.

I hope to continue blogging here, and will do my best to give you the scoop on what’s going on at the League.


One thought on “Settling In, and Giving You the Inside Scoop

  1. Hi Tim! Wow ur passion is truly inspirational! I am stricken with awe! I can’t wait to read more of ur blog to get the inside scoop about ur zealous colleagues there at the League! Keep up the good work!

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