Bad Economy Blurring Your Judgment?

Budget cuts. Credit crunch. Foreclosures galore.

The cost of daily necessities such as food and gas continue to rise, and the status of our economy is bleak. In a panic, a slightly questionable opportunity to make some quick cash may seem even more appealing.

But NCL is reminding consumers this month to carefully evaluate offers to work from the comfort of home. Be cautious about emails offering work-at-home opportunities.

Just because the company places an ad for a job in a reputable paper, Web site or magazine does not make the offer legitimate. Don’t get involved in work that requires depositing a check in your bank account and them wiring them money — that’s a fake check scam!

Report suspected work-at-home scams or any other telemarketing and Internet scams to NCL’s Fraud Center.

This month’s tips from NCL’s “2008 Consumer Calendar: Do We Have Tips for You!” on avoiding fraudulent Work-at-Home offers are sponsored by Quixtar.


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