Ways to Save on Car Insurance

Prices at the pump getting you down? Here are a few tips on getting your money’s worth when buying auto insurance:

  • Compare policies according to price, coverage, customer service, and company’s reputation.
  • Ask for higher deductibles. The deductibles represent the amount of money you pay before your insurance policy kicks in when you have a claim.
  • Consider buying your homeowners and auto coverage from the same insurer. Insurers often offer a discount if you buy two or more types of insurance from them.
  • Check out the Insurance Information Institute’s Web site for more tips on getting the most for your auto insurance dollar!

4 thoughts on “Ways to Save on Car Insurance

  1. I have yet to see any revelant factual evidence/studies that compare credit scores v. driving record!! This has been made up from the get go. Example.. If one files for divorce most often your redit score is going to suffer. Shoud that make you a high risk driver? This false line of credit crap was the brain child of the large Ohio insurance company whos founder was on 60 minutes braging about his pot smoking days and drug ways. Yet we take this insurance company’s top dog as the industry leader in setting factual standards. Wake up people and accept nothing until the facts produce factual results!

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