Happy Birthday, LifeSmarts!

Today the National Consumers League is celebrating the start of the 15th program year of LifeSmarts, the Ultimate Consumer Challenge! LifeSmarts is an exciting, hands-on educational competition program, run by NCL, that prepares teens to be the savviest consumers. In LifeSmarts, high school aged students (and now their younger middle school brothers and sisters, too!) gain real-world knowledge about the kinds of consumer issues they’re parents encounter daily: credit cards, banking, and personal finance; the environment, global warming, and energy issues; technology, spam, and email scams; health and safety, nutrition, and medication issues; and consumer rights and responsibilities, voting, the role of government agencies, and more!

LifeSmarts begins online, where teams compete for a chance to go to their state championship and — ultimately — represent their state at the National LifeSmarts Championship. NCL has partners in more than 30 states voluntarily running state programs across the country. This year, we welcome Kevin and Sheila Butts, two certified credit professionals, who have joined us as coordinators of the Michigan LifeSmarts program!

Help us celebrate LifeSmarts’ 15th year by logging on and taking a practice quiz today!


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