Check Us Out!

Congratulations are in order for the LifeSmarts state champion teams emerging across the nation! We’re less than two months out from the National LifeSmarts Championship in St. Louis, MO, and around the country, our state coordinators are hosting exciting in-person competitions to determine who will represent their state at Nationals!

LifeSmarts state programs are getting some nice press, too! You go, guys! Here’s a sampling (and a sneak peak at some of the state champs who will be headed to St. Louis in late April)! We’ll link to more as we find them. Way to go, LifeSmarts teens and coaches!

News in Northeastern Wisconsin: Oconto High School 4-peats! Fox6News covered the competition, too! Video here.

Missouri champs declared, beating out 134 (!) other teams

Minot Daily News: “Ray High School’s award-winning Lifesmarts team doesn’t have any slackers.” Cute photo and all!


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