FTC Fraud Forum

This morning, the Federal Trade Commission will kick off its two-day Fraud Forum, a free two-day event hosted by the federal agency to examine how the FTC can more effectively protect consumers from fraudulent schemes.

As y’all know, fraud protection is near and dear to our hearts over at the National Consumers League. We operate NCL’s Fraud Center, which tracks scams as they’re reported to us by consumers and relays trend information to relevant law enforcement.

The first day of the FTC’s Forum will be open to the public and will provide an opportunity for law enforcement, consumer advocates, business representatives and academics to look at just how big of a problem fraud is in our current economy, what drives con artists to do what they do, how victims are targeted, and whether certain types of consumers are more vulnerable than others, and more. Day Two of the event is open only to law enforcement officials, and they’ll grapple with how they can better collaborate to catch the crooks.

If you’re not planning to attend the forum, you can still be a part of it – the FTC will be streaming today’s panels online. Savvy Consumer contributor John Breyault, who runs NCL’s Fraud Center, will be speaking on a panel about under-reported fraud. Check him out at 11 am here at the Webcast.


2 thoughts on “FTC Fraud Forum

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