Put out those butts and celebrate the Great American Smokeout!

Thanks to the American Cancer Society, smokers and friends of smokers have the third Thursday in November to work towards improving their health by quitting smoking. Quitting can be a challenge, but there are many resources available to help you through the process. Many employers and health insurance plans are now making it easier and more affordable to benefit from smoking cessation programs.

While we’re making strides in reducing the number of smokers in this country, 46.6 million adults still smoke and 40 percent of nonsmokers are exposed to secondhand smoke. Nearly 500,000 deaths each year are linked to smoking and secondhand smoke.

You can do your part! Send an e-card to a friend or family member to encourage them to put down their cigarettes. Even if they are able to quit for just one day, their blood pressure and heart rate will drop and their carbon monoxide levels in their blood will return to normal. And if they continue to keep the cigarettes away, they’ll experience even more health benefits.

Show a loved one you care – or take a moment to care for yourself – by participating in this year’s Great American Smokeout!


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