Who is the National Consumers League?

We are the nation’s pioneer consumer organization, founded in 1899. Our mission is to protect and promote social and economic justice for consumers and workers in the United States and abroad.

We’ve been advocating for consumers and workers for more than a century, and we’ve recently arrived in the blogosphere to help get the latest news for consumers and workers to you!

This blog provides a snapshot of the issues we’re currently working on. Visit our main Web site, http://www.nclnet.org, for even more about how we’re working to improve the lives of consumers and workers, and the products they buy and make.


One thought on “Who is the National Consumers League?

  1. To Public Interest Law Department,
    My name is Reuben Nieves and I am a certified Paralegal. Since 2000 I have been a real estate agent who recently lost his home to a non judicial foreclosure. During the past two and one half years we have seen a tsunami of home foreclosures across this nation which have devastated communities and have left many families homeless. Many of the mortgages were inherently predatory. 90% of the foreclosures are non judicial foreclosures which are made by federally chartered corporations created by acts of Congress for Public and national purposes which are unconstitutional because they do not provide a hearing. The banks have been reluctant to do meaningful modifications to help the beleaguered homeowner. I have developed a course of action based on my research that will stop the the non judicial foreclosures forcing the banks into a judicial forum allowing the homeowner to raise affirmative defenses and have a jury trial. The defense of “unclean hands” on the part of the bank would leave the bank in an awkward position leaving the only viable alternative “MODIFICATION”. The impact would be nationwide. My research may give you a better perspective on non judicial foreclosures by federal chartered bank corporations I thought you might be interested in my efforts to stop foreclosures and put the banks in a position that they would have to modify the loans. Currently I am trying to get the city of Sacramento to ride point in this effort. I have two attorneys who found my arguments compelling. Both Timothy Kassouni and Ronald A. Zumbrun agree that the banks are not entitled to non judicial foreclosures. This is an issue of great public interest and unless I can get support millions of homeowners will be foreclosed without procedural due process. You can email me at reuben.nieves@yahoo.com and I will send you my research and videos.

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