It’s Working! Saving Consumers Cash

by Susan Grant, Director of NCL’s Fraud Center

When you work on a national public educationusps_lottery_320x240_backup.gif
project, it’s often hard to tell if the message really works. So it’s been gratifying to hear from consumers (below) that our effort to warn people about fake check scams is succeeding! On October 3, we launched a new Web site,, and a major publicity campaign in partnership with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, major banks, money transfer services, and others who shared our concern about the epidemic of fake check scams that is sweeping our nation.

You’ve probably seen the commercials, like the one with the guy on the bus who tries to give the woman a check as a down payment for the millions she has supposedly won in a foreign lottery. Fake check scams have become the top telemarketing fraud and the second most common Internet scam reported to NCL’s Fraud Center. The average loss is $3,000-$4,000 — that’s a lot of money for most of us. But the consequences can be even more severe.

Victims’ bank accounts may be closed, and they may have difficultly opening new accounts. They may be sued if they can’t pay the money back to their banks right away, and some are even being prosecuted for check fraud.

Essentially, these scammers are stealing money from the banks and leaving consumers holding the bag. That’s why it’s so important for consumers to be aware of these scams and understand that just because the funds are available doesn’t mean the check is good. The new Web site is getting tons of hits, but even more gratifying are the messages that many consumers are including when they report these scams through the Web site, like the following ones we recently received.

THANK YOU for the warning. I was recently contacted by unsolicited email after posting my resume on I did respond to the offer, but now that I saw your advertised warning this evening, I am planning on NOT depositing any checks sent to me by the company in question…If not for this warning, I would have lost money and time I do not have.

M.F., Bellflower, CA


I had received a letter in the mail with a check of $2875.00. The letter stated for me to keep $300 of that and send $2520.00 as a money gram through Wal-Mart to an address in Canada, and $55 was for the money gram itself.

They wanted me to do this “assignment” to evaluate the effectiveness of a payment system… I thought about it and decided to “look it up” on the internet. I found this website and thank God I did!!! Thanks!!! Needless to say I didn’t cash it…I want these people stopped.”

S.P., Wharton, TX


3 thoughts on “It’s Working! Saving Consumers Cash

  1. I received a check for 3,990.00 to be drawn out of Purdue Employees Federal Credit Union. 2nd address Mid-State Corporate Federal Credit Union in Indianapolis In. 46280-0239. The letter from FEXCO Global Inc. said I needed to call 1-416-858-5430 and talk to Ms. Finch or Brownway and they would help me claim 150,000.00.
    The company address is P.O. Box
    17800 Los, Angles, Ca 90036. Reference code RG645/30/09 was to be used.

  2. I received a check for 3990.00 from a company called Inland Research Inc. 17811 107 Ave. NW. Edmonton, AB Ca
    514-561-5639. They claim to be a secret shopper company. This is a scam! I am glad I checked around before cashing.

  3. I received a check for $3990 from Inland and the check was from Citizens Bank. The SOB was using a 514-561-5639 number and told me that the check lock will be released and asked me to deposit the check.

    After i deposited the check, the guy with a chinese/asian accent (called himself John) asked me to send $3270 to Nancy Morgan – 118, Park Ave, Houston, TX 70770 and wanted the transaction to be done within a day as a part of the assignment.

    I did not do the transfer. The guy called me back again asking me as to why i ahven’t done it. I replied him “The bank has not taken the lock off”. He insisted that they had released the amount and that i shud be seeing it soon in my account.

    Then the ahole asked me as to how much i can do it the first time (like 500 dollars) and asked me to transfer the remaining amount after i see the money in my account.

    I called him and told him that the number was reported to FBI and local police for giving fake checks. Since then, he is not picking up my calls.

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